Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Things Tuesday-Patriots' Day

10 Things I Love About America


  1. Free speech-I may not like everything other people have to say, but I honor their right to say it. Alternately, I appreciate being able to share my true feelings about a matter without fear of punishment. Consequence, yes. Punishment, no.
  2. Religious freedom-I can go to church and worship as I please. Or I can choose not to go to church (just don't tell my mom).
  3. The right to vote-I have a say, however small, in the direction of this community, this state and this country.  And so does everyone else (who is over 18, not a felon, and a legal citizen).
  4. Diversity- We live in an incredibly diverse country. I notice this as I pick up my kids from school and walk around our neighborhood.  I also noticed it during the Olympics.  The Chinese national teams were full of Chinese people. Teams from the continent of Africa were all dark skinned.  But the American teams had all different skin tones and facial features.  I thought we looked awesome up on those podiums!
  5. Music-You have to admit; whatever your style, America has some pretty awesome music!  I tend to like the Christian, classic rock, and country styles. But there are lots of other kinds for people to like, and you are allowed to like whatever kind you want!
  6. Food-We have some awesome food here too! When my older brother, John, was little he was apparently a picky eater. The story goes that he once told my dad he did like foreign food. "I only eat American food, like pizza and spaghetti."  Ha! Good one, John! Really, the food here is as diverse as the people, and it's all delicious.  (Except for the okra.)
  7. Geography-We've got a lot of neat geography in the U.S.  Mountains, valleys, deserts, lakes, oceans, icebergs, volcanoes. Some I've visited, some I'd like to spend more time in, and some I could probably do without, but it's nice to have the diversity.
  8. Brotherhood-We pull together well in this country.  We may disagree on a lot of points, but when it comes down to it, people are proud to be American. When there is a national disaster, people come together to donate their times, skills, money and blood to help out. Locally, if there is a fire or other tragedy, people donate money , food, and clothes to help out the victims.  It is heartening to see people pull together in tough times.
  9. Disagreements-Think how boring facebook would be if we all agreed all the time! But, really, think of all the growth that has come out of healthy disagreement.  You might sway me to your opinion; I might sway you towards mine, but either way it makes us think and thinking is good. It leads to new ideas and new perspectives. As long as you can disagree in a civil way, I say bring it on!
  10. Government-I might really be starting something here, but I like our government. I may not always agree with what the government does, but I truly believe that it is aimed in a generally positive direction with mostly good intentions.  I understand that government is made up of fallible humans who all have different viewpoints. I understand that some people in government do some bad things and make bad decisions, but I think in general our government is looking out for us and trying to make life better for us. 
How about you? Why do you love America? 

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