Monday, August 13, 2012

Picnic in the Arboretum

Since we did our grocery shopping on Saturday evening, we had some free time after church on Sunday. We went home, changed some clothes and packed some lunch.  We piled the kid sin the van and got ready to go. They knew we were having a picnic, but they didn't know where and they kept asking. "We'll stop and have a picnic wherever Daddy takes us," I said.  So Ken started the van and pulled forward about 6 inches. "Here we go!!" he said. They all laughed and giggled and then we took off for real.
We went out to the Arboretum and apparently we hadn't been there for a while. They have done quite a bit of work in putting in walkways and improving the pond/bog area.  There was a sign that said the main area was reserved for an event, so we walked a little ways down one of the trails until we found a clearing for our picnic blankets.
That's a serious sandwich!

Nom! Nom! Nom!
Does anybody notice me stealing these potato chips??
 After we ate our lunch, we just hung out for a little bit, relaxing in the beautiful weather. Henry found some antlers and decided to be a buck.
 When the kids needed to use the bathroom, we packed up and headed to the visitor's center.  That was a nice walk too.

 After the potty break, I went back to the van and grabbed cup of cat food. I let the kids use it to feed the ducks and the fish on the bridge. Benjamin was quite upset that the ducks didn't initially want his food that he put in a nice little pile, but once they noticed it and started eating it, he was over the moon!

We left the Arboretum and got some frozen yogurt at Sweet Bee's. My memory card was full or I would be able to show you the beautiful beard and mustache Benjamin got from his chocolate yogurt!

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