Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My sneaky son

Last night, we were cleaning in the kids' bedroom. I can give Frances a general job like "clean out that corner" and she will get it done. I have to give Henry specific tasks in small pieces, but he does okay with that. Benjamin's job is to simply stay out of the way. Henry's first task was to clean all the toys out of his bed.  He did this two weeks ago and we filled a 20-gallon tote! I gave him a five animal limit, but slowly other things crept into the bed with him.  There were a bunch of little cars and plastic men, so I put them in a bucket and told him to go put them away.  I was busy, so I didn't really notice how long he was gone, but all of a suddden I realized that he was playing on the bed again and not cleaning.
Me: Where did you put all those toys I gave you?
HC: Away!
Me: Where away?
HC: Why? What did you hear?!
{At this point I am a little bit angry, but also slightly amused and trying not to smile}
Me: It is very important that you always tell me the truth. Where did you put all those toys?
HC: {hangs head} In the car box.
Me: OK, thank you for being honest. I want you to go take out all the stuff that isn't a car and put them in the correct place.
HC: {sullenly} OK.

This morning while we were eating breakfast I had asked Henry how he had enjoyed his lunch the day before. He had requested to buy lunch at school because it was "breakfast for lunch" day.

HC: I got two pancakes and some sausage!
Me: That sounds good. Anything else?
HC: Mommy, did you tell the lunch lady that I couldn't have chocolate milk?
Me: {smiling} Yes. I did.  Why? Did you try to drink chocolate milk for lunch?

Listen, little man. I've got your number!  You cannot pull one over on me! I had brothers growing up and I have spent a lot of time around a lot of kids. I am one step ahead of you! Do not think you can fool me!!

Lest you think that he is always a little stinker, I will tell you one last story from last night at dinner: We had grilled cheese sandwiches, celery, and peach slices.  On each plate, I put two celery slices along the bottom for some grass.  I had cut the sandwiches into fourths and I put a square piece together with a triangular piece to make a house (sitting in the grass).  Then I took two peach slices and put them back to back like a butterfly. Frances added snow (AKA ranch dressings) to the celery. The kids LOVED it!
Unprompted, after a few bites, Henry turns to me and says, "Mommy, you have really good ideas."
Thanks sweetheart!! Awwww!

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