Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Day of Summer

Benjamin started his new preschool today and the drop off went very easily. He saw lots of cars and trucks to play with and that distracted him enough that he wasn't upset when I left. That and the fact that there were only three other kids in the room when I dropped him off. I think he's going to like it there.
First day at his new preschool!
I took the day off to spend some time with Frances and Henry.  When you have one kid things seem hard; then when you have two, doing things with just one of them seems so easy! When you have three and you spend the day with the two that can get in and out of the van by themselves, talk to you about things and (mostly) follow your directions; it's cake! You might even think it was fun!!
First we headed out to Target and got Henry a new car seat! He LOVES it!! (And it was on sale and in his favorite color.)  Now he just needs to learn how to buckle it. Good thing he has Frances there to help!

After Target we walked around in the Mall for a little while. Frances wanted to go to Claire's, so I let her and she had a good time looking around at everything.   We walked around the rest of the Mall and I found a pair of shorts for myself.  I don't wear shorts very often and apparently most of the ones I own are 5+ years old and don't fit as well as I would like.

After our browsing trip, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I had my "year supply" coupons and I also had some coupons the dentist gave the kids.  After upgrading our meals and adding lemonade, lunch for all three of us was $2.41!! Can't beat that!!

Next we went over to the JMU bookstore. I have been wanting to get the kids some JMU stuff ever since I started working here, but have just never made the trip over there. I figured it was a good day to try since the JMU Faculty/Staff picnic was tonight!

New JMU gear!
Chowing down on an ice cream sandwich.

We went home for a bit and then went out to pick up Benjamin, drop off a JMU shirt for Ken, pick up Benjamin and then get our CSA basket.  Then we headed to the JMU picnic. Thankfully I met some friends from church there who offered to stand in line with me and help me out since Ken was still at work. Then Pete had the brilliant idea to get the kids dessert first!  Once in a while, it won't kill them, right??  Well it did keep them pretty quiet in the line and Benjamin doesn't eat dinner anyway.
We got home later than I had wanted to on the night before school started, but the kids had already gotten their backpacks ready and picked out their clothes, so it wasn't too bad.  Tomorrow is a big day!!

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