Saturday, August 25, 2012

Isssss Geeeeen!

Last night I was talking to my friend Stacey about kids and Saturday mornings.  Why are they so hard to drag out of bed during the week, but they wake up an hour earlier than normal on the weekends??  Henry used to be really bad about getting out of bed. He would wake up at 5am and climb into my bed saying, "Mommy, the sun is up."  I would roll over to Ken and whisper, "The son is up..." We still joke about it occasionally but Henry has gotten a lot better. Especially because of the night light we got him for his birthday.

You can set the current time and then an alarm.  At night, you turn on the yellow light as a night light.  If you turn on the alarm, the top light turns on red.  You can set the alarm to a buzzer or a silent setting, but either way at the designated time, the red light goes off and the green light goes on.  I have told the kids that they can't get out of bed when the red light is on.  It has worked about 85% so far.  During the week, I turn the buzzer on and the kids get up and start getting dressed on their own.  On the weekends I turn it to silent. That way if they are awake, they are allowed to get out of bed, but if they are still sleeping there is no sound to wake them up.
I knew they would be tired this morning because of school this past week and I was hoping for them to really sleep in.  Right after 7:00 (when the alarm is set for) I woke up on my own, and was planning on laying in bed for a little while until I heard, "Sissy! Isssss geeeeeen!  Bubby! Isssss geeeeeen!!"  Apparently Benjamin understands the lighting system and was trying to wake his brother and sister.  I got him out of bed and he said, "I wan watch teebee."  It's like a whole flashback to exactly how Henry used to wake up!!
But at least Frances and Henry got an extra half hour of sleep.

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