Friday, August 3, 2012

Horse Camp

My friend Megan (who's life ambition was to get a shout out on this blog) kept Frances a while back on a day she was out of school. One of their excursions was to Megan's horseback riding lessons.  I explained repeatedly to Frances that she would only be able to watch and she was okay with that. In fact, she LOVED it!!  Just watching and being near the horses really made her day! After Frances was out of earshot, Megan mentioned that the stables also did horseback-riding camp in the summertime. I looked into it, and I'll be honest, the prices scared me a bit!  Then I did some more work on Frances' summer schedule and decided that we could make it work. I am so glad we did!

Frances came home from horse camp speaking a different language! She told me about things using horse terminology and then asked me important sounding questions. I had to admit that I hadn't even understood the question!  Not only did she get to ride horses, but she learned about how to take care of a horse, how to clean out the stables, and how much it costs to own a horse.

At the end of the week they had a presentation from the campers.  They all got the chance to ride around the rink and show off some of their new skills.  She looked like she was in heaven riding those horses. The camp counselors gave out superlative awards and Frances won the "Natural Rider Award." Apparently she was the only camper who had never been on a horse before!

I'm not sure that we will be able to do horse camp every summer, but I sure hope we can!!

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