Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Morning Captcha

Nowadays when you try to interact with websites you end up getting a "captcha" where you have to prove that you are a human and not some robot trying to spam the website with your comments.
Well, I have a different type of captcha that I have to deal with every morning. Just to prove that I am awake and functioning, I guess!
It goes like this:

Benjamin: Mommy! *mumble mumble* ticky!
Me: Are you stinky, Benjamin?
B: NO!! *mumble mumble* ticky!
Me: Oh! Sticky?  Are your fingers sticky?
B: Mommy!!  *mumble mumble* ticky!
Me: Your marble?  Is your marble sticky?
B: mmm-hmm
Me: Oh, OK. Thank you for telling me.

Repeat next morning with more toddler-speak. The longer it takes me to figure out what he is saying, the louder and more aggravated he gets. I love having kids with large vocabularies, but sometimes that makes translating kinda difficult!

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