Friday, July 20, 2012

Menu Check-In, pt.2

We have made it to Friday with our new menu plan. As expected, we have had a few bumps this week, but I am keeping track and taking notes so I can tweak this to be a great system for our family. The first issue we had is that I had put BBQ sandwiches right next to Sloppy Joes. It didn't end up being a big deal because of the free pizza night from Cici's and the local fire department.  We moved the BBQ from Wednesday to Thursday and then skipped the Sloppy Joes. I am going to go ahead and make the Sloppy Joes tonight and put them in the freezer. Adding that to the BBQ that was left over from last night, I will have two meals ready to go in the freezer for a night we need them. That also bring the price per meal on the BBQ down even further. I paid $19 for 8 pounds of meat that will end up being 4 meals! Sounds like a deal to me!
The other issue we have come across is that even with Ken and I eating leftovers for lunch during the week, we have way more food than we need. I am considering the possibility of having two leftover nights a week.  I would leave one on the weekend and have another one on Monday or Wednesday because those are the nights Ken usually works late. Probably Wednesday to keep the "Meatless Mondays."  Maybe we can call it "Wecycled Wednesday." If I decide to go with two leftover nights a week, it would mean I could take off six recipes, find four more and then make another two week set to add to the rotation. That would mean only eating the same thing every two months.

The other thing we have been experimenting with is cleaning. Not a strength for anyone in our house! I created a two week rotation for all the rooms we have and assigned each room a different night. Bathroom is on there twice and weekends are not listed. The goal is to spend 30 minutes in each room as it's turn comes around.  We also spend 30 minutes on daily tasksFor right now, 30 minutes doesn't seem to get a lot done, but it makes a small dent and is helping us establish a routine. I am tired of living in an unorganized house and I am fearful of what I am teaching my children by not having them help out with these tasks. On the bright side, it seems Frances LOVES scrubbing the toilet, Henry thinks sorting laundry is a game and Benjamin has a blast running back and forth to the trash can to throw things away.  In other great news, Ken came home from work the other night and made a comment about how great the bathroom looked  and how he felt guilty throwing his pants on the cabinet he always leaves them on!  The kids are also having a blast running around and having lots of space to play in. They keep "finding" things they didn't know they had because they are finally putting them in the right places.


  1. Sounds like you all are doing a great job!! Keep it up!!

  2. The kids are also having a blast running around and having lots of space to play in.


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