Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heritage Night

Frances' school has been having "Heritage Week" this week which is a time for the kids to learn about their own cultures and cultures from around the world.  Parents and other community members were invited into the school to share cultural tidbits with the children's classes.  They also had a Heritage Night with performances by the Kindergarteners and Second Graders. Frances' group sang some cute songs.

After Frances' group was finished performing there were other groups. The gentleman that accompanied them for the chicken dance played a few more songs on his accordion. Henry thought he was an elf because he had on green Lederhosen and a cute hat!

Then an Aztec family performed two traditional Aztec dances. The kids in the audience were enthralled!  They all came up to sit right in front of the stage during the performance.

After the Aztec dance Henry and Benjamin both fell out of the chairs straight onto the floor (I think they were both tired). I took that as a sign to head home. Frances was disappointed to miss the Hip Hop group from JMU and the International Desserts buffet, but I didn't have a better option. The boys were both fine when we got home and there was no lasting damage.

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