Thursday, January 5, 2012

Momma Can't Dance

I have posted some funny comments from the backseat and our evening commutes, but they have all involved Henry or Frances. Well, apparently, Benjamin now wants in on the fun.  I had just the boys in the car with me and we were leaving the day care parking lot. I had turned the music down in the morning so it was relatively quiet in the van.  I started whistling; something cheery. I don't remember specifically what the tune was.  And then from the back sweet littlest one, yelling: "Nooooooo! Stooooooooo!"  So I stopped whistling and said, "Benjamin, are telling Mommy to stop whistling?"  And he responds: "Huh-huuuuh"  Which is his way of saying "yes."
So, I stop whistling and turned on the radio.  And then Henry started laughing uncontrollably.

Me: What is so funny back there!?!
Henry: Benjamin is dancin'!

So of course, I try to look in the rear-view mirror to see what is going on. I can barely see his little head moving (he is still rear-facing in his car seat). So for the ride home I left the music on and listened to Henry giggling.

Later after dinner, I was cleaning up in the kitchen and Benjamin came to visit me. I turned on some music and my iPad and he started grooving.  He was bouncing up and down and waving his arms. It looked fun, so I joined in! Then he stopped and shook his little finger at me. "Noooo.  Stoooooo." So I stopped dancing and then he continued on.  Each time I tried to join in he would waggle his little finger and tell me to stop.

I made a loud hissing sound which is supposed to attract Ken's attention without alerting the kids to the fact that I am trying to point out something they are doing. (Because you know if I said, "Hey come here the kids are being cute." they would immediately stop.)

When Ken came in the kitchen, he saw Benjamin dancing. He said, "Are ya dancin', buddy?"  And Benjamin said, "Huh-huuuuh."  Then I showed Ken what would happen if I tried to dance, and Benjamin still got upset. But guess what happened when Ken started dancing!??!  Nothing!! Benjamin just looked at him and kept right on grooving.  Not fair!

But what really worries me is "What happens if all our kids learn their dance moves from Ken???"

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