Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From the Back Seat

As I drive home in the evenings, I usually try to prepare the kids for what we will do when we get home.  Usually I do this to preempt the "Can we watch TV?" discussion that I know will be coming.  Typically I tell the kids what their chores will be and remind them about putting shoes and coats away. It is never a long conversation, but there are often groans when the assigned chores are announced.  This is one of my favorite recent conversations:

Me: Tonight when we get home, Frances and Henry, you both have clothes to put away.

Henry (shouting): WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE CHORES?!?!

Me (after a brief time of reflection):  Well, chores are important for you to learn how to be a responsible person.

Henry (after a brief silence): Oh. I thought they were just boring.

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