Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Benjamin's 50 words

I did this post with Henry when he was getting close to two, so I thought I should start one for Benjamin as well.  His language has really taken off recently and he seems to be talking a lot!  SO far he can say:
  1. mama
  2. dada
  3. sissy (Frances)
  4. bubba (Henry)
  5. mee mee (himself)
  6. keekee (Oscar)
  7. cah (car, truck, etc,)
  8. more
  9. peez (please)
  10. kang koo (thank you)
  11. coo coo (choo choo train)
  12. nah nigh (not nice)
  13. bigh (bite-as in "the cat bit me")
  14. num num (any kind of food, usually candy)
  15. baf (bath)
  16. jooooooose (juice or sippy cup)
  17. nigh nigh (night night)
  18. hi
  19. bye bye
  20. ummmm
  21. noooooooo
  22. huh huuuuh (for "yes")
  23. mine
  24. no (nose)
  25. eye
  26. ear
  27. ball
  28. Animal sound: RAWR!! (appropriate for a lion, bear, or tiger)
  29. Animal sound: woof woof (for a dog)
  30. Animal sound: mow mow (for a cat)
That's a pretty good list so far. I know I am forgetting some, so I will be back to add to it.

I am back to add:
   31. Buck (for a male deer--I am SO proud!)
   32. guk (truck)
   33. Animal sound: moooo (for a cow)
   34. binkg (binky)
   35. coooooo (cold)

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