Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to Toddlerhood!

My little Benjamin is indeed still very little!  We took him to the pediatrician for his 18-month check up last week and his height and weight are off the charts!!  Actually, they are under the in he doesn't even reach the 5th percentile range!  Not that I thought any of my children would be linebackers, but I would like to see him at least make it on to the chart.
Benjamin is not talking very much yet. He says a word that sounds like a combination of "momma" and "more" pretty frequently, but apparently some combination of Mommy and more is what makes him happy.  He has a very quiet "jewsh" when he is thirsty (which is often).  And his newest favorite word: NO!  He answers "no" to everything.  I picked the boys up at day care yesterday and Benjamin was hanging out in the infant room in an exersaucer (they were vacuuming).  I knelt down in front of him and asked him if he was ready to go home.  "Noooooooooo!"  I really wish I had a picture of the face he makes when he says it!  Then he swirled around in the exersaucer so he wasn't facing me. Stinker!!  I asked him if he was hungry and he shook his head and said "nooooooo" again.  So I said, "Do you want to just stay here tonight?"  And that turkey looked over his shoulder and nodded his head!!!
Needless to say I did not leave him there.  He yelled at me when I picked him up and was a grouch until I put him in his car seat and gave him his sippy cup.
In related news, Benjamin now likes to make animal noises. He knows what a cow says and what a dog says. He makes some different responses with other animals, but they are not recognizable to me.  He also knows where his nose is and where his ears are.  I love this stage, where it seems like they pick things up so quickly and like to show off!!

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