Friday, November 4, 2011

Bugs, Buses, and Buildings

Henry is such a great car rider lately!  I take the boys to preschool every morning on my way to work and we have some great conversations.  Lately he is obsessed with the vehicles and buildings around us.  Frances got him into looking for Bugs (as in Volkswagen Beetles) and most mornings on the way to school he says, "Let's look for Bugs, Momma."  Thankfully there is usually one parked at the apartments we pass right before school, so he almost always gets to see at least one. Last night on the way to soccer practice we saw six!  He was SOOO excited!

He also likes to point out the buses we pass. Since we drive right by part of campus there are at least three or four buses on our morning commute.  He likes to ask about the different kinds of buses. He wants to know if the big yellow school buses are Sissy's and I have to read the numbers for him so he will know. He knows the big blue buses are for Mommy's work. He seems very disappointed every time I tell him that I don't ride those buses every day.  I don't think he can comprehend why someone would have access to all those buses and just not ride them all day long!

Whenever we see any kind of work truck he wants to know what it is. When he was younger, I could answer "tractor" to every one of his questions. Not so anymore.  Now he wants to know what kind of tractor.  I have gotten pretty good and recognizing the difference between lots of construction vehicles.  The things a Mom has to do!!

One other thing that Henry likes to point out every morning is the building where I work.  We pass it on the way to school, and he always yells out, "Look, Mommy! It's your work!!"
What a fun (and educational) way to start the day!

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