Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Things I Hear Every Day

Children are creatures of habit and as such they tend to do and say the same things repeatedly. My children are quite typical in this.  Sometimes it gets annoying, but honestly,. most of the time I just smile. I know that some day I won't hear those sweet little voices saying those sweet little phrases.  Here's a sample I want to be sure to remember:

Henry (each morning as he gets dressed): Mommy, do I leave my underpants on??

Henry (while putting on his shoes): Are dees on the wrong feet?  [I don't know why he always asks in the negative--Nine times out of ten he has them lined up correctly.]

Benjamin: Ball! Ball! BallBall! [Repeated ad naseum whenever he sees something round.]

Frances: Mommy, where does this go?? [Said while holding the same thing she asked about the day before]

And my personal favorite: Here's the back story. Every evening on the way home we pass a trendy clothing store downtown.  There is a traffic light at the corner and we usually end up stopped right next to the display window. In the display window there are three outfits that are changed regularly and an old fashioned looking bike that is a permanent fixture.
Henry: Mommy, which one do you like?
Me: Ummm...I like the (fill in the blank) one.
Frances: I like the (completely different one from the one Mommy picked!) one.
Henry: I like the bike!
Frances (giggling): Henry! You always say that!!
Henry: And you always say that!
Everyone in the car dissolves into giggles!

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