Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Snow?!!

I really didn't want to believe all the hype I was seeing on Facebook and hearing from friends, but my denial didn't matter.  We had a Halloween Snow!! It started late Friday night with some drizzle and freezing rain. By the time we work up Saturday morning, it was a Winter Wonderland.  Except that it's still Fall!! And will be for another 7 weeks!
I frantically dug through all the winter boxes in the basement to find snowsuits and boots. Poor Benjamin didn't have anything I could find. I tried this, but he HATED it!  He couldn't even move!!  I only took one picture before he started BAWLING and I rescued him from it. We all laughed hysterically as I was trying to get it off.  Is that wrong??

Once we all got suited up, we ventured outside to check things out. The bigs had a good time jumping in snow and throwing it at each other. They tried to build a snowman, but didn't have the patience to finish.  They did enjoy playing hide and seek with the pumpkins on the picnic table that had ended up buried!

Benjamin just stood in one place and looked around.  He dropped his pacifier a few times and cried until I picked it up for him.  But basically he just stood there.

I noticed that our immediate neighbors on both sides lost some trees. We don't have anything in our yard that would be big enough to worry about, really.  I did clean the snow off of our dogwood so it wouldn't break.  Thankfully it looks like there was no housing damage done.

My neighbor's tree hit her house, but I don't think it broke anything.

After all that, we went inside to eat lunch and take naps. By the time the kids woke up the snow was mostly melted and we were left with just wet and cold.

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  1. Love the pics of the trees with the snow. I commented to my husband on the way to church yesterday that pics of the bright leaves with the snow would be stunning, but I didn't have my camera with me. (We're in PA, also hit by that freakish storm that sent me to the attic to find snow gear that would work for the kids.)


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