Thursday, June 16, 2011

Children's Museum

Today Ken went to his dad's house to help catch up on some yard work from while he was gone to Africa.  The kids and I headed out to the Children's Museum to play.  We ended up seeing some OLD friends-like way back from HIGH SCHOOL!!  I saw my friend's dad and thought he looked familiar. But I couldn't figure out who he was because he was in the wrong place.  Like my brain couldn't figure out which drawer to open up to find the name!  After I figured it out, I went to say hi.  Then I had to remember my maiden name so I could introduce myself!!  I remember how hard I had to work when I first got married to remember what my name was, and now ten years later, my maiden name fails me!!
So it turns out that my friend's wife is doing some stuff at JMU and his whole family (brother, sister, parents, inlaws, kids, nieces and nephews) are staying at Massanutten for the week.  They had a one-to-one ratio of adults to kids, and I was out numbered three-to-one, so I didn't get to do a lot of visiting, but it was nice to say hi and meet his kids.
My kids settled in at the theater for a while playing dress up and dancing around on stage.  I got a few pictures with my phone, so when I find the cord maybe I will come back and upload them...

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