Saturday, October 3, 2009

Carter's Mountain Apple Orchard

On Saturday, I took avoiding housework to the extremes and headed out to the Carter's Mountain Orchard with the Washington family. We had never been before, but they had and I was quite glad to have someone to follow on the way there. We took a beautiful route on some back roads through Grottoes, Crimora, Waynesboro and more. It was a great Fall day for a drive!! When we got to the orchard we had to drive up a road that was about a 90 degree incline and VERY dusty. At one point Frances asked me, "Mommy, can you see where you're going?" and I had to admit that no, I really couldn't!
We walked out to the orchard and headed down the lines of trees. First, all you see is bare trees. then you start seeing some trees with apples WAY up at the top. Then after walking for about 6 hours (give or take), you get to the trees with branches low enough for the kids to reach.
Henry could even reach some while he was sitting down!

Obviously, we ate some apples up on the mountain! Henry took tiny bites and spit out the peel. Twice he had his apple almost completely peeled so he could finally eat it and he fell. Poor boy!
When he got tired of picking and eating apples, Henry looked at me and said, "I run!" I just smiled and watched as he took off running down the row of trees. He looked back once and I thought he was going to stop, but he was on a roll! Frances and Emily took off after him to rescue him and bring him back!

When we had filled our bags as heavy as we could with Golden delicious and JonaGold apples, we headed back up the mountain.
Of course, the kids needed a break halfway up. Thank goodness Frances found this "couch" to sit on!

We paid for our apples, shared some delicious doughnuts and then headed over to listen to some live music and watch the kids dance.

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