Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Henry's milestones-EDIT

Some of the new and exciting things Henry has learned how to do this weekend:

  • Cross himself in the name of the Father and the Son. He's not quite feeling the Holy Spirit part yet.
  • Fold his hands to pray. And wear this really intense, really precious look on his face and babble something along with us as we pray.
  • Shampoo his hair with mustard and ketchup.
  • Shove pieces of hot dog up his nose!
  • Run around the front yard naked and slide down the slide in the buff.
  • WWF wrestling moves. Last night as I was trying to read him a bed time story, he kept standing up in front of me and doing this really weird spin jump to land backwards in my lap.
  • He can drink out of a regular cup. I can't believe I forgot to add this the first time!

OK, I really just wrote this post to highlight the 4th one. HE SHOVED A PIECE OF HOT DOG UP HIS NOSE AT DINNER!! He kept making this funny sniffing noise and poking himself in the nose while we were eating . I thought he had a runny nose, so I got him a tissue and told him to blow. He did; we expelled some snot; and I went back to my dinner. He kept poking his nose and sniffing, so I tried again, and this time plugged one nostril. Sure enough-out came a piece of hot dog! What was he thinking!?!? I think moms must aged twice as fast with boys. Frances never did anything like that! She also never literally climbed walls, tried to jump over the pews at church to "visit" the people behind us, or splashed an entire tub full of bathwater all over the bathroom. Good thing she's not taking notes.

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  1. Definitely all boy. Sounds like something Cazin did or would do. Gotta love it!


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