Sunday, March 15, 2009

Henry's 50 words-updated

I keep hearing this statistic that all kids should know 50 words by the time they are 2. Henry is getting close to that age and I am starting to worry that he is drastically behind! Granted he is a boy and the second child, both of which do not bode well for his language development, but still...I am a mother. I worry. Here is the list so far:
  1. mama
  2. dada
  3. NO
  4. MINE
  5. no (as is "nose")
  6. more
  7. nigh-nigh (as in "night night")
  8. bye-bye
  9. not nice (accompanied by a good finger shake)
  10. OW! (quite useful for an active toddler)
  11. ball
  12. kee-ka (for kitty)
  13. ogy (for doggy)
  14. *He says something for sissy/Frances but I can't really tell what it is or how to spell it

Updated on 3/15/09

  1. truh (for truck)
  2. eye (accompanied by much poking)
  3. ear
  4. shoe
  5. that (can be a question, as in "What's that?" or a statement as in "I want that."
  6. la lu (love you)
  7. Papa (much to his grandfather's delight)
  8. Abby (his cousin's name)
  9. baby
  10. book
  11. food
  12. moo

OK, I know I am forgetting some, so I will comeback to edit when I remember them. So far, this is a really sad list!

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  1. Don't forget animal sounds and anything he has a special word for. He is a cutie! It was great seeing you this weekend!


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