Thursday, February 19, 2009


We went out to Golden Corral last night with Stacey and her crew. Ryan's school has a fundraiser night there about once a month. As we were paying the teenage boy for our food, Frances loudly whispers, "Momma, that boy is so handsome!" Um...ok, but be a little bit more discreet Frances!! Frances and Ryan ended up sitting next to each other and as Stacey went to get food for the girls, Frances announced that "Ryan is my boyfriend!" Well she has said this before and when I ask her, she says he is her friend and he's a boy...Very logical to me!
So later, Stacey and I are talking and Frances keeps trying to interrupt. I was ignoring her well enough that finally she turned to Ryan and said, "Ryan, do you want to have a kid conversation?" HA HA Poor girl. As I continue to talk, I notice that Ryan has not actually answered Frances-despite the fact that she keeps asking him and calling his name. So now they have moved on in their relationship. I mean, they must be married now if he is ignoring her so completely while she yaks at him. Then they shared an apple at dinner. How cute!
To be comepltely honest, I took a few pictures at dinner, but I am too lazy to get up and post them now. Maybe I will come back later and update.

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