Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A tribute to Miss Cindy

Frances is in her second year of ballet this year. She takes lessons at the local rec center and I must say, they are excellent. Miss Cindy really has a way with little ones. She handles her class so well and the girls in there just LOVE it. Frances comes home and shows me things pretty regularly, but tonight she wanted to give me (and Henry a ballet lesson).

You are only allowed to watch it if you keep the following in mind throughout the video:

  • That mess behind her in the kitchen is a figment of your imagination. My kitchen does not really look like that.

  • Henry is sitting in my lap and participating. You can REALLY hear him in the video, but for some strange reason he gets mad when I tell him to go away. Toddlers?? Go figure.

  • He has been sick, so I apologize for the coughing.

  • He has an appetite like a horse, even when he doesn't feel well. Apparently, I don't hide the snacks well enough in my kitchen.

  • Yes! My daughter is wearing a leotard OVER her clothes. It's all pink, so according to her "It matches!" She has also been wearing two different colored shoes for three days now. She is a fashionista...or crazy. You decide.

  • That was a phone call from Ken that I ignored. Poor boy was wanting to come home from work and get some dinner. Sorry, honey!!

    Miss Cindy-Thanks for all that you do! Frances thinks you are just about the coolest person in the whole wide world!!

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