Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 4.0

My Dad will probably kill me for this one!! This is at my parent's house and my dad is doing what he does best...hanging out in the recliner with Jack the kitty. He likes to sit there and say he is reading a book, but in reality he is usually napping. He is good at that!
Love you, Daddy!!

Head on over to Four Little Men & Girly Twins to play along.


  1. Love the angle, cute picture!!

  2. that is exactly what my FIL does on Saturdays! :) fun picture!

    thanks for playing along!


  3. I love the way Jack is looking at the camera. Most probably he's saying "leave us alone, will you?" :)

  4. Gosh,
    I wonder how many pictures I can find of someone on the bear skin rug.... or was it someone bare skin on the rug??

    daddy june


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