Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Photo Challenge

One of the blogs I follow (4 Little Men and Girly Twins) has posted a "Random Picture Challenge" again this week. She picks a random month from the past and random number to designate which picture to post. Unfortunately, my photos are not organized by date (my dad's camera does this, but not mine). So I opened a random folder, picked out a random picture and here it is:
This picture is from my preschool class from about two years ago. The date stamp says February of 2005, but that can't be right because Frances would have only been 16 months old at that point and we didn't start at this school until she was almost 2. The oldest kids in this picture are in 1st grade this year, so I am guessing it was two years ago.
We had two presentations that year where the kids would have all been gathered together. One was a dentist and one was the police department. I think this was the police department judging from the pictures around it.
Frequent readers of my blog (meaning you, Stacey) will notice the following kids in this picture:
Back Row, Second from the left: Maryssa
Back Row, Second from the right: Jordan (Bethany's sister)
Back Row, Far Right: Hunter (Heather's brother)
And I just noticed that Oliver is sitting in Maryssa's lap!!
Middle Row, Second from the left: Frances
Middle Row, Middle Kid, grey sweatshirt: Selassie (Latham and Tiberius' brother)

For the names of all the kids (and a good memory workout):
Front Row, L-R: Emma K., Noah, Jonathan
Middle Row, L-R: Tate, Frances, D'Shawn, Selassie, Emma H., Logan
Back Row, L-R: Macey, Oliver, Maryssa, Declan, Keshawn, Keshawna, Jordan, Hunter
There are only two kids' names that I cannot remember. Hopefully they will come to me sometime today.
**Edit: I remembered one! The other kid had a sister named Abrie (I think). It WILL come to me!
**Edit again: I remembered them all!! I am a genius!


  1. you will have to send me the picture. I can't make it bigger. Maryssa does not even look like Maryssa. I would love to see it bigger. Too cute! Very proud of you for remember the children's names:).

  2. ehhhh ehhhh (whining....) I recognize LOTS of those kids, as a matter of fact, I met some of them when they were infants!


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