Saturday, January 17, 2009

My meeting with Pam

On Friday at the day care, we had a large number of children out sick. We were in the process of deciding which staff would go home for the day when Pam called and asked if I could come to her to her other center for a meeting. And she told me to bring Frances. Hmmmm..... My car had broken down the night before, but that was fine because she actually needed Kristen's van to transport some kids anyway. So I packed up Frances into Kristen's van and headed to Littlest Lamb for a meeting...

Augusta County schools were out on Friday, so Pam was taking the school-agers to Eli's Fun Center. Eli's is very similar to Pump-It-Up in that they both have inflatables, but in my opinion Eli's is much better.

They have more inflatables that the kids can play on more easily. (Frances has trouble climbing up the slide at Pump-It-Up) They have a larger variety of inflatables (as opposed to just bouncing and sliding) such as a Velcro wall, a baseball station, a pop gun station, and a basketball goal.

(Frances thought I was just taking pictures-not video. I love how she keeps stopping to pose!)

They also have one corner set up with some dramatic play items like a house, car, boat, plane and dress up clothes. Of course, this is where Frances chose to spend the first thirty minutes playing!

After she warmed up to the idea of the inflatables, she had an awesome time! She went down the slides and even jumped on the Velcro wall!! The guy who was helping her had to roll up the legs on the suit almost half-way in order to get her to fit in it!

After playing for about 2 hours, the kids were served some of the best pre-fab, microwave pizza I have ever had along with Kool-Aid juice boxes. Then the owner gave each of the kids four free tokens to use in the arcade section of the fun zone. One of the girls from Littlest Lamb was "kind" enough to ask Frances if she could have one of Frances' tokens to win a game for her (there were no prizes for the games). My little girl was trusting enough to let her and still has no idea that she was duped! After most of them had spent their tokens, of of the employees turned on the music and started DJing for the kids. He played Hannah Montana and then some other dance songs. The kids had a blast!!

Oh, yeah, and while we were their Pam and I sat down and discussed the day care for a little while. :)

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  1. Man! You gotta love meetings like that! Plus you had that wonderful lunch meeting on Thursday:). Maybe I should try to get a seat on the board to enjoy these meetings too:). That place looks great! I will have to check it out sometime.


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