Friday, October 31, 2008


Frances, Henry, Ken and I went trick-or-treating with some friends this year. We went over to a different neighborhood because not very many people in our neighborhood participate (but they leave their lights on, which is very confusing for Frances). We left a full bowl of candy on the porch and crossed our fingers that some little hoodlum would come along and dump the whole bowl into his/her treat bag!

Frances dressed as Princess Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty) complete with glow stick wand and necklace.and Henry was the dragon that tried to keep her locked in a tower (OK, not really, but I've always wanted to have a theme set of costumes, so I made up a back story!) Doesn't he look scary!?

Anyway...we walked a few blocks over and hit the Halloween jackpot! Finally! A neighborhood where people play along! There were kids all over the place and houses were decorated and the girls got super excited. Bailey and Frances walked up to the first few houses together and knocked on the doors and yelled "Trick or Treat!" That's what I'm talkin' about!! We went down one side of the street and then came back up the other. Henry stayed in the stroller and ate cheese cubes. Near the end he started yelling and it was pretty cute. He CRASHED when we got home though!
Both kids slept until about 8 this morning, and Henry is now at the end of a 4-hour nap! He was one tired boy!!
By the way, this is Frances' pumpkin. She drew the face on by herself and I carved it out.
PS We came home to an empty candy bowl for the first time in 5 years! Yeah! No leftovers...except what I stashed!

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