Monday, September 1, 2008

Sherando Lake

We have lived in and around the Shenandoah Valley for about 10-12 years depending on if you count the years I was in college. Countless times we ave driven past signs for Sherando Lake, and not stopped. Well, yesterday that changed. Ken and I both had the day off for Labor Day so we decided to look it up and check it out. We are furious with ourselves that we didn't go sooner!!
For $8.00 we gained entrance to the park. After that everything was free. There is a really nice picnic area with tables and grills. We had lunch in this area and met some friends from church having a HUGE cookout. They had brought their own grill on a trailer! It was a monster!!!
After our lunch, we walked over to the swimming area. There is a nice sandy beach all along one side of the lake. We put out our mat and went down to the water. Henry wanted nothing to do with the water, despite this experience. He was terrified of the sand and the water. In fact, if you said the word "sand" to him he would start crying and clawing at you. (I tested it out a few times...) Frances, however, went straight in. She and Ken played in the water while I visited with some other friends from church that we met. Henry just sat on the mat and held on to me. I think part of it was due to the fact that he was tired. but I will not lie and say I wasn't disappointed. After a while, Ken and I switched and I got to go down to the water with Frances. It was cold, but no too bad after I finally got in. Then we built some sand creations up on the beach. Frances did not want to leave, but of course, we had to.
We went and checked out the campsites they have. They look very nice. We promised ourselves that we would head out there to go camping sometime (probably next summer). I can't believe this treasure has been 45 minutes down the road and we've ignored it all this time!!
PS I have no pictures because I washed my memory card in the washing machine (apparently that's not good for them). I am hoping to remember to buy one soon!

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