Saturday, September 13, 2008

Like mother, Like daughter

Frances found a stuffed blue giraffe while we were cleaning today. Initially she couldn't remember his name, but after a while she came running in the room, "It's Sparky!!" We had to take Sparky to the park and put him in the swings. He also jumped off of the play structures a few times. When it was time to go home she announced that Sparky was hungry. She got out the Boppy pillow and sat down on the couch to breastfeed him. Then she said, "All done?" and switched sides. Now she his reading him a book and coo-ing to him. She says it is time for her nap. What a good Mommy!!

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  1. I don't know how to actually reply to a comment, so I'll leave on here. Haha! I usually end up singing happy birthday to myself...especially if it's past midnight and I'm exhausted. Did you show Frances the picture in the post way down on my blog? Okay, it's only 3 posts down.


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