Monday, September 22, 2008


During prayer time this morning at school, I opened it up to the class to see if they had anything they wanted to pray about. A few weeks ago when I asked this question, one of my girls told us that her mouth hurt (she had a bad toothache). So we offered that up in prayer. Well today when I asked, the same girl spoke up again to tell us that her mouth didn't hurt anymore. *tears* WOW! I took a minute to think about how often we ask God for things and then forget to offer prayers of thanksgiving when a situation is resolved. This girl is not one that attends church regularly, or even hears about God at home. I am afraid that school is the only place where she hears any kind of Gospel at all. But she's got it! We need to seek God at all times-not just the bad ones. We need to have faith at all times-not just the good ones. Thank you K for opening my eyes today.

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