Friday, August 8, 2008

Praying for MckMama

Today after our rest time, my class at the preschool took some time out to pray for MckMama. I told them a brief version of the story in words I hoped they could understand. I had them each feel their own hearts. Then I told them I had a friend whose baby had trouble with his heart. I told them that the doctors weren't sure what to do for him. I asked the kids if they knew anyone who could fix Stellan's heart. I wish you could have seen them all sitting there with their hands over their hearts as they all shouted "GOD!!" Then I gave each kid a letter of Stellan's name and had the color them. I asked them to pray for Stellan as they colored. I wish I could have written down the conversations they had while coloring!

When they finished their coloring, I had them hold their letters together to spell Stellan's name and then took their picture. Of course, I had forgotten my camera at home, so I had to use Amber's cell phone and send the pictures to my facebook account. Then I took all the kids into the office at the day care and let the kids watch me email the picture to MckMama as we said another prayer together. We made her photo gallery!! You have to scroll rather far down the page. MckMama is adding new pictures all the time and she puts them at the top, so we keep getting moved further down.

After they were all done, one of the kids asked if he could take his letter home and keep praying for Stellan. How sweet!!

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  1. Oooh, LOVE it!!! I never knew what a "back story" was. I feel so educated! I will add the link to this post to the description of your kiddos' photo on my blog!! Thank you SO much--again!!!


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