Saturday, June 14, 2008

I love a parade...

Yesterday morning when I got to work I walked in on a conversation about a parade. It turns out that Weyers Cave was having a parade and lawn party and my boss was having a float in the parade to advertise the day care. Well in typical "me" fashion, we all decided to join in on the parade at the last minute. Stacey and her kids joined in too, as well as Kristen and hers, and some other families from the other day care. We all dressed in red, white and blue and waved American flags. Ken drove the truck (even though it was a Ford) and the rest of us sat in the bed or on the trailer. We threw candy, blew bubbles and shot silly string at people. It was quite fun!
After the parade, we went over to the lawn party. Stacey and the kids came with us and we watched rides for a little while and then went on the cars and the airplanes. The kids had a great time!! Of course, none of us wonderful mothers had cameras with us, so I don't have pictures, but if anyone sends me any I will post them later.
Hopefully today I will be going to get Frances' pictures and then I can post for her about the Safari Park trip on Thursday.

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