Friday, October 5, 2007

Frances' 4th birthday cake

This was a fun cake to make!

We had to take Barbie's legs off to make her fit.
Frances loved it!
I told her afterwards that Barbie was going ot the doll hospital to get her legs fixed. Frances was excited because she came back with a new hairstlye and a new dress! (She is so gullible!! We just bought her a new doll!)


  1. I'm here from Cake Wrecks. ;)

    You can buy doll picks at the craft store that are already legless. They just have a spike to anchor them in the cake. Barbie's legs are way too long for the Wilton "skirt" pan.

    For some reason, all the goth girls love these things, and that's no matter how old we get. I take a fine point sharpie and do the makeup on the dolls with it. Heavy eyeliner, black lips, arched brows, the whole shebang. If you're really feeling adventurous one day, try making the dress out of fondant!

  2. I totally love the barbie cake. I linked here from Cakewrecks and am so glad I did. Thanks for sharing!


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